Is Barnsley Council spending Penistone Cash in Wombwell ?

BMBC may be spending housing impact money from Hoylandswaine and Penistone in the wards of Darfield and Wombwell instead. An interview in the Sheffield Star reveals that the cash has actually been allocated by the Labour controlled council to the wards of the deputy Mayor and Labour's Cllr Griffin.

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Breakthrough for the Lib Dems in Barnsley

The Liberal Democrats are represented on the council again for the first time in eight years.
Hannah Kitching was elected in Penistone West receiving 1741 votes.

Overall in BMBC elections the LibDems stood 14 candidates and took 4380 votes. This is a huge step forward and a very firm base to build on over the next 2 years in the local election cycle.

However because of the voting system despite taking 10% of the vote we were only allocated 5% of the seats. This is clearly a very unfair system which favours the controlling Labour party.



European businesses are advised against using british parts

European governments are advising businesses not to use British parts in goods for export ahead of Brexit, Sky News has established. 

In its advice rolled out to all Dutch businesses, the Dutch government has told its exporters that "if a large part of your product consists of parts from the UK" domestic exporters may lose free trade access under existing deals.

The advice says: "Brexit will have consequences for exports outside the EU.

"After Brexit, parts made in the UK no longer count towards this minimum production in the European Union."

Congratulations Janice on the phone box campaign

Old Wentworth phone box finds new role as defib station
A DISUSED distinctive red telephone box has now been transformed into a life-saving unit.

LibDem Janice Middleton and the Wentworth Residents’ Association has been working hard for the past 12-months to get permission to transform the grade-II listed telephone box into a new home for the village’s defibrillator unit.

Chairman Paul Hunton said the life-saving equipment had now been moved from the Rockingham Arms, where it had been for more than four years, to the telephone box on Main Street.

“It got installed two days before the Tour de Yorkshire,” said Mr Hunton.

“It’s very important to the village and now it is in a more central location — so it’s more easily accessible from the bottom part of the village.”

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Sheffield could be under LibDem Control Again

Five years from now Sheffield City Council will once again be in Lib Dem control, while the party will again be representating part of the city in the House of Commons. So said party leader Vince Cable as he popped into the party’s Cemetery Road headquarters to congratulate activists and councillors on recent gains in the local elections.

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